Meet Tea Club

We are a diverse and creative community where we help founders solve startups problems.


Diverse community

Our community consists of entrepreneurs, designers, developers, engineers, marketers, recruiters and we are all tech enthusiasts.


Curated events

Join our monthly calls where our panellists will provide with their feedback and guidances


Learning opportunity

Every event it's an opportunity to learn about industry or a specific topic we are discussing.


Peer support

Whether you have a quick question or you want to bounce ideas with somebody, we got you. Connect with our members or drop a message in our slack channel.

How We Support Our Community


Raising capital is not easy, let our members who have raised or invested in startups help you.


The are so many ways to promote your product and it might overwhelm you. If your current strategy is not working very well, let us bring you new ideas.

Product-Market Fit

You tested your product and gathered a lot of feedback. However, you are not sure what to do next. Sit down with product leaders and founders, let them help you prioritize your features!


Growing your company is exciting and makes you face so many challenges. Present it to us and let industry experts guide you on what to do next.


Your company is growing so your team. Maybe it's your first time building a team, and you are not sure where to start.


We might have not mentioned the problem your startup is facing above, please describe your it to us.

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We would love to hear your story and what are you building. Connect with us if you want to participate in the next event and get support from our community.

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